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    Descriptions: The overall length is not more than 1380mm and the total width is only 1,000 mm. Four low pressure tires are furnished. It is manipulated by the handlebar. The non-road motor vehicle can be used by only one person keeping the posture of bestriding.

    The vehicle can be easily manipulated. The engine adopts the belt continuously variable transmission. The braking system is safe and reliable. The front drum brake and rear disc brake are used.

    LH50ATV uses LH139QMB four-stroke, single-cylinder, OHC; max. power is 3.44 metric horsepower; LH80ATV uses LH144QMB four-stroke, single-cylinder, OHC, max. power is 5.03 metric horsepower; LH50ATV uses LH157QMJ four-stroke, single-cylinder, OHC; max. power is 8.84 metric horsepower;

    Technical parameters(download)

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