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  • Our Products

    The 4’, 6’, 8’ and 9’ series continuous presses developed by China Foma are able to satisfy MDF, PB, OSB and various kinds of boards meeting the production process requirements for different specifications. In order to meet the market oriented demand, through continuous technological innovations, the continuous press of China Foma has formed its own characteristics: 1) entry end of flexible adjustment with independent intellectual property rights; 2) super high pressure section setting that facilitates the process adjustment; 3) channel design of isothermal resistance hot pressboard media; 4) short interface hot pressboard connection mode for reducing the temperature; 5) moving structure of bi-directional thermal expansion frame; 6) structure design of minimal bending deformation of steel strip; 7) online adjustment centering device of chain blanket roll; 8) waste fume separation and processing system of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

    Technical parameters(download)

     Strategic Business Unit for Continuous Presses  Tel:0512-66627811
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